Elevate Patient Care with Alpha-Stim

Guide patients toward transformative wellbeing with Alpha-Stim. Tailor-made Starter and Pro Bundles are designed for your practice’s unique needs, making patient care easier and more affordable than ever.

Whether you specialize in treating anxiety, insomnia, or pain, our diverse bundles seamlessly incorporate Alpha-Stim into your clinical practice, enhancing patient outcomes and care quality.


Maximize financial advantages with a Section 179 deduction

Qualify to deduct Alpha-Stim devices which may be written off for tax purposes right away rather than being depreciated over time. Individual tax situation situations vary. Consult your personal advisor for advice.


Device and accessory bundle offer valid through December 31, 2023. Thirty-day money-back guarantee does not apply.

Call 1-800-FOR-PAIN or email alpha-stim@epii.com to take advantage of this limited time practitioner bundle promo.

Alpha-Stim Bundle Promo

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