How to use Alpha-Stim Smart Probes to relieve acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain

Alpha-Stim® is a handheld medical device that brings fast, safe, and effective relief from acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain. With Alpha-Stim, microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) is delivered through a patented waveform directly to the site of your pain using two Smart Probes and protocol that was developed by Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, inventor of Alpha-Stim. Just like Alpha-Stim technology, the protocol itself is patented and proven in over 100 clinical studies.

How Alpha-Stim works to ease pain

Physical discomfort is transmitted by electrochemical signals that go from the source of your pain to your brain. Instead of providing relief via a chemical method, like pain-relieving drugs that can have long-term side effects and risk of addiction, the Alpha-Stim device treats right at the source of pain AND directly to your brain.

It takes less than 5 minutes to treat the site of your pain using the Alpha-Stim Smart Probes. We also suggest following up with wearing the earclips for 20 minutes to treat your brain for pain. Both can be done in the comfort of your home. Most Alpha-Stim users notice an immediate reduction in pain and an improved quality of life, even from their first treatment.

Treatment is as quick and easy as 1-2-3-4-5

Alpha-Stim smart probes on a knee
Step 1: The Big X

Step 1: The Big X

Using the Smart Probes, make a large X over the site of your pain. In this step, you want to think big – if the pain is in your knee, the X will encompass most of your leg.

Step 2: The Star Pattern

Now move closer to where it hurts, making a series of smaller X’s to form a star pattern around the site of your pain.

Step 3: Treat the Opposite Side

In Step 3, you’ll use the Smart Probes to treat the opposite side of the body. So if your left knee hurts, you will also treat the right.

Step 4: Connect the Two Sides

Now it’s time to connect the two sides of the body.

An ear with an earclip
Step 5: Treat with the Alpha-Stim earclips

Step 5: Finish with Earclips

A 20-minute cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) session via earclips is the final step, and is what sets the device apart from other electrical treatments for pain. Alpha-Stim also treats accompanying anxiety, insomnia, and depression via the earclips.

Treatment with Alpha-Stim may be quick and painless, but relief is long lasting and often immediate!

Alpha-Stim is FDA cleared and available by prescription in the United States (and over the counter in other countries.) It brings clinically significant relief to 9 out of 10 users. It works better than medications, and it costs less, too!

If you suffer from pain and are searching for effective, lasting relief without the scary side effects of medications, Alpha-Stim is here for you. Get started today and let nothing stop you.

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