Take Charge

of your anxiety

An FDA cleared, drug-free option for treating anxiety

Take Charge

of your anxiety

A New Way to Manage Anxiety

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you’re not alone. Nearly 264 million people worldwide have an anxiety disorder, the World Health Organization reports. And an estimated 30% of adults will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lifetime.

Anxiety can be crippling for many people, but thankfully, medications and other more aggressive therapies are not the only option.

For those seeking more control of their anxiety treatment, Alpha-Stim®  offers a safe, effective, and easy option.

Significant Anxiety Relief without Medication

overall decrease in anxiety

Overall Decrease in Anxiety

In clinical trials, patients reported an average of 61% less anxiety immediately after using the CES therapy. After 5 weeks, that average was 94%.1

results in one application

Results in 1 Application

In a study of preoperative anxiety, Alpha-Stim recipients reported significantly less anxiety after one 20-minute treatment.2


In clinical studies, patients using Alpha-Stim reported greater relief from anxiety than patients taking drugs, all without side effects.

How Does Alpha-Stim Treat Anxiety?

Alpha-Stim is a non-invasive, non-drug cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device that is FDA cleared to safely and effectively treat anxiety and insomnia. The device uses a unique, patented waveform of electrical current to balance the electrochemical function of the brain in order to improve users’ emotional and physiological states.

Patients apply earclip electrodes that deliver a low-amplitude, rhythmic current to the brain, which helps regulate brain cells’ electrochemical signals and return them to a balanced, normal functioning state.

Many users see results after their first treatment. And because the effects of Alpha-Stim build on the progress of the last session, many Alpha-Stim users see increased levels of relief over time. Moreover,  because CES does not involve any chemicals, Alpha-Stim users are free from the worry of dependence and withdrawal.

See if Alpha-Stim is Right for You.

Give Alpha-Stim AID or Alpha-Stim M a try for anxiety relief today. Schedule a telehealth consult below with a licensed health care provider to get started.

What People Say About Alpha-Stim for Anxiety

See what people are saying about using Alpha-Stim for anxiety relief and improved mental well-being.

Commonly Asked Questions about Alpha-Stim for Anxiety

We’ve gotten a few questions over the years about how Alpha-Stim works for anxiety. See below for some of our most common questions and answers. 

How effective is Alpha-Stim AID for treating anxiety and insomnia?

Nine out of 10 patients reported significant improvements in these conditions. Alpha-Stim AID has been proven effective by numerous clinical research studies. You can view clinical research and data here.

Over 5 years, someone who takes medication – such as pain pills, antidepressants and sleep aids – or does other treatments typically used to treat anxiety or insomnia can pay thousands of dollars more than someone using Alpha-Stim.

Alpha-Stim effectively controls pain, anxiety, and insomnia. For some conditions, results are experienced immediately and for others a small amount of time and persistence provides needed relief and results. Learn more about how long to use Alpha-Stim and when to decrease usage here.




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A new way to treat anxiety is here, with no medications or lasting side effects.


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  • 2 Lee S-H, Kim W-Y, Lee C-H, et al. Effects of cranial electrotherapy stimulation on preoperative anxiety, pain and endocrine response. Journal of International Medical Research. 2013; 41(6) 1788–1795.

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