Ragga Ragnar & Dr. Josh Briley Talk About Alpha-Stim

Sit down with former Olympic Swimmer and Vikings actress Ragga Ragnars and Clinical Education Director Dr. Josh Briley as they discuss Alpha-Stim and host an exclusive Q/A session with questions from Ragga’s followers.

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FDA cleared for anxiety, insomnia and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States.


Blog Alpha-Stim Brings Veteran Anxiety Relief After Medications Fall Short Alpha-Stim Testimonials Alpha-Stim is unique from other anxiety treatments in that it’s drug-free and doesn’t come with the risk of addiction. Moreover, it’s safe for patients to use at home or in a clinical setting with their healthcare practitioner.  But

Blog   The True Cost of Chronic Pain: It’s Not Just Financial Chronic pain is more prevalent than ever before. With more than 20% of Americans dealing with long-term pain, chances are good that you or someone you know is struggling. And while physical discomfort takes a toll on its own, chronic

Blog U.S. Army Bomb Technician Finds Relief with Alpha-Stim Selfless service. Personal courage. These are two of the core Army values that men and women in uniform vow to uphold while serving in this branch of the U.S. Military. While every day of service requires courage and selflessness, it takes

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Using Earclips with Your Alpha-Stim AID
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Using Earclips with Your Alpha-Stim M​
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One Minute Protocol​​
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Treating Pain with AS-Trode Self-Adhesive Electrodes
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Treating the Knee with Smart Probes​
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Treating the Back with Smart Probes​

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