Alpha-Stim Health Tracker App™

A mobile app to help you track progress and get the most out of your Alpha-Stim device.

Get the Alpha-Stim Health Tracker App

Log your sessions, journal your day, take assessments, explore Alpha-Stim FAQs and see your progress all from your phone.

The Alpha-Stim Health Tracker App gives you the tools you need to get the most out of your Alpha-Stim M or Alpha-Stim AID device.

What You Can Do in the App

  1. Log Sessions 
    Quickly log the details of your Alpha-Stim sessions, such as date, time, and current level, and rate how you felt before and after your session. Then see which settings gave you the best results, letting you personalize your treatment.
  2. Take Assessments
    Every 2 weeks, answer a few questions about how you are doing. These clinically validated surveys are the gold standard used by clinicians to gather powerful information about your mental health and well-being.
  3. Journal Daily Check-ins
    Beyond using your Alpha-Stim, there are other activities that have an impact on mental health. With daily check-ins, you can keep a journal of your activities and mood without having to type a single line.
  4. View Progress Analytics
    See your progress as you track your sessions, activities, and moods. Which Alpha-Stim settings give you the best improvement?  How long before you started feeling better?  What daily activities boost your mood, and which ones make things worse?  Everyone’s Alpha-Stim and mental health journey is different – and now you can see yours in real-time.
  5. Access Alpha-Stim Information
    Explore the Alpha-Stim FAQs and device guides for more details on how to use your Alpha-Stim.
  6. Get Accessories & Support
    Easily access the Alpha-Stim store from the app to replenish accessories and find customer and technical support contact information for convenient support.


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