for patients with
anxiety, insomnia,
depression, or pain

How to Prescribe Alpha-Stim

Alpha-Stim technologies are easy to use with patients. Alpha-Stim can be prescribed both in-person in a qualified healthcare clinic or office setting, as well as via telehealth appointments.

A prescription for Alpha-Stim is only required in the United States and it is available over-the-counter outside of the US.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have achieved remarkable results with Alpha-Stim technologies, with many practitioners often using the devices right alongside their patients.

Learn more about working with Alpha-Stim and how to get started below.

Getting Started with Alpha-Stim

We know you want what’s best for the people you treat, whether they have anxiety, insomnia, or pain. To help new health practitioners see if Alpha-Stim is a good fit for their patients, connect with us today to talk about trying Alpha-Stim M and Alpha-Stim AID.

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Alpha-Stim® M

Alpha-Stim M_shadow

Works for Acute & Chronic Pain

Approved for treating pain conditions throughout the exterior of the body including the head, neck, back, hip, knee, and shoulder.

Relief for Post-Traumatic Pain

Especially key for first responders, Alpha-Stim M is approved and validated for treating post-traumatic pain.

Also Treats Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression

Alpha-Stim M can also be used to treat patients’ anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Alpha-Stim® AID

Alpha-Stim AID_shadow

Treat Mood Conditions Safely

Uses low-level electrical current to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression safely and effectively.

Dynamic Therapy Use

Can be used as a first-line therapy, or as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy without polypharmacy effects.

Improve Health & Well-Being

Alpha-Stim AID can be used in-clinic/in-office or by patients at home for continuous anxiety and insomnia treatment.

Discover Alpha-Stim

Discover Alpha-Stim technology today.

Alpha-Stim M

Alpha-Stim® M

For pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Alpha-Stim AID

Alpha-Stim® AID

For anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I get Alpha-Stim M or Alpha-Stim AID for patients?

Typically trying Alpha-Stim in the office can identify those individuals who readily respond to Alpha-Stim treatment. You or your patients can fulfill your order 3 easy ways:

Special pricing options for practitioners may be available. For practitioner volume discount pricing, call us at 1-800-367-7246 (in USA), + (940) 328-0788 (outside USA), or email us at

Insurance coverage varies by policy. Durable medical equipment coverage is often required to obtain some level of reimbursement for Alpha-Stim devices. EPI does not bill private carriers but will assist customers by providing a paid invoice and a sample Statement of Medical Necessity for your practitioner to complete. This statement is typically required by the insurance carrier if the device is covered.

The HCPCS code for the Alpha-Stim AID is K1002 and the Alpha-Stim M is E1399.

Patients can also use a flex spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) and may be able to qualify for financing and flexible payments.

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