Alpha-Stim M

Take Charge of
acute and chronic pain

Alpha-Stim M Features

Proven to provide pain relief

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Severe Pain Reduction

In a study of patients with severe pain, Alpha-Stim M significantly reduced pain by an average of 71% after only five treatments.
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Decrease in Post-Traumatic Pain

In a post-traumatic pain study, 56% of patients at 3 months and 85% at 6 months were somewhat or very satisfied with the device for reducing pain levels.
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One study found that chronic pain patients using Alpha-Stim reported significantly improved functionality over those receiving the usual care.

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Better than

When compared to pain relief responses from patients using Vicodin and OxyContin, patients self-reported greater reductions in pain with Alpha-Stim.

Two Separate Modalities

The Alpha-Stim M includes handheld Smart Probes or AS-Trode self-adhesive electrodes for site-specific MET pain therapy, as well as earclips that provide cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES)—to relieve common comorbidities associated with pain.

Alpha Stim M
Alpha Stim M

Take charge of Your Pain

Alpha-Stim M is an FDA cleared non-drug, non-surgical device designed to relieve acute, chronic, and post-traumatic pain.

A Technology Patients & Providers Trust

Alpha-Stim has been helping hundreds of thousands of people take charge of their anxiety, insomnia and pain. Alpha-Stim technology has led the way with innovative non-drug medical devices. Alpha-Stim AID and Alpha-Stim M devices are highly praised by both patients and providers.

Alpha-Stim Mobile App & Accessories

To help you get the most out of your Alpha-Stim M, explore our Alpha-Stim accessories. Our unique mobile app also offers Alpha-Stim users a personalized way to keep track of sessions and progress over time. 

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Everything you need to keep up with your Alpha-Stim M treatments. Explore our collection of Alpha-Stim M accessories including a carrying case, earclip electrodes, AS-Trodes™, and more. 

Keep track of your progress with Alpha-Stim AID or Alpha-Stim M with the Alpha-Stim Health Tracker App. Track your treatment sessions, log daily check-ins, view progress analytics, take assessments and more. 




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