Alpha-Stim Utilization in Telehealth

Can Alpha-Stim be utilized in a telehealth setting? Watch this quick webinar with  Dr. Haramandeep Singh, D.ABPN, to learn more about how to prescribe and utilize Alpha-Stim with patients via telehealth or telemedicine.

Alpha-Stim® Practitioner Webinars

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If you have a question that was not answered during the webinar, want additional information and research, or would like to be contacted by a local Alpha-Stim representative, please email alpha-stim@epii.com.

Ready to Try Alpha-Stim?

If you’re new to Alpha-Stim, talk with one of our representatives today to learn about trying Alpha-Stim AID and Alpha-Stim M with patients in your clinic or office. You can also learn about our CES and MET webinars that offer an in-depth look at Alpha-Stim science, mechanism of action, research and protocols.

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