A Unique Solution to Educator Burnout: Study Proves Alpha-Stim Improves Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, and Pain In Teachers

Ninety-three percent of teachers feel some degree of burnout.¹ When burnout becomes severe, teachers may become ineffective, emotionally exhausted, dissatisfied, negative, and pessimistic.² When the discontent becomes too much to bear, many teachers leave the profession. According to Ingersol, Merrill, and Stuckey, more than 41 percent of new teachers leave teaching within five years of entry.³

A new study published in the Journal of Depression and Anxiety has found that Alpha-Stim®, a handheld, non-drug medical device, is highly successful at improving anxiety, depression, sleep, and pain among teachers.

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For many teachers, the stress of a workday lasts long after the final bell rings.

With burnout a prevalent and growing issue among educators, cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) treatments offer a potential method for teachers to safely and effectively improve their quality of life by reducing anxiety, improving mood and quality of sleep, and relieving pain.

Following a successful pilot study in the UK, the study sought to examine the effectiveness of Alpha-Stim CES treatments on teachers. Over the course of 6 weeks, participants used Alpha-Stim for 20-60 minutes each day. Participants utilized a smartphone application to measure baseline levels and changes in mood, sleep, and pain. Teachers reported their perceived levels of discomfort for each indication on a scale from 0 to 10.

Upon completion of the study, statistical analyses revealed statistically highly significant (p values of <0.001) for anxiety, insomnia, depression*, and pain. Over a total of 237 treatments, the effect size values were greater than two standard deviations for all outcome measures, demonstrating a high level of improvement from baseline to posttest measures of perceived symptoms.

Teacher burnout is a legitimate concern among today’s educators, forcing many to either suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain, or leave the profession altogether. Alpha-Stim is an effective treatment method for teachers, bringing significant relief in as little as 20 minutes two or three times a week, allowing educators to perform optimally and enjoy a higher quality of life at the same time.

*FDA cleared for anxiety, insomnia and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States. 

Alpha-Stim M and AID
Alpha-Stim is an FDA cleared, handheld medical device proven to improve anxiety, insomnia, depression, and stress in teachers.
¹Herman KC, Hickmon-Rosa J, Reinke WM (2018) Empirically derived problems of teacher stress, burnout, self-efficacy, and coping and associated student outcomes. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 20: 90-100.
²Alkhateeb O, Kraishan OM, Salah RO (2015) Level of psychological burnout of a sample of secondary phase teachers in Ma’an Governorate and its relationship with some other variables. International Education Studies 8: 56-68; De la Sablonnière R, Tougas F, De la Sablonnière É, Debrosse R (2012) Profound organizational change, psychological distress and burnout symptoms: e mediator role of collective relative deprivation. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 15: 776-790.
³Ingersoll R, Merrill L, Stuckey D (2014) Seven trends: the transformation of the teaching force, updated April 2014. CPRE Report (#RR-80). Philadelphia: Consortium for Policy Research in Education, University of Pennsylvania.

About Alpha-Stim

Alpha-Stim® is a handheld medical device that is FDA cleared for anxiety, insomnia and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States. Alpha-Stim uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), delivered through a patented waveform via two earclip electrodes, to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) delivers pain relief directly to the source of discomfort via two handheld Smart Probes.

The safety and effectiveness of Alpha-Stim is backed by over 100 independent clinical research studies. Unlike with medications, there is no risk of addiction or lasting side effects.

Alpha-Stim is available by prescription in the United States and over-the-counter in other countries. Get started today!

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