Alpha-Stim Brings Veteran Anxiety Relief After Medications Fall Short

Alpha-Stim Testimonials

Alpha-Stim is unique from other anxiety treatments in that it’s drug-free and doesn’t come with the risk of addiction. Moreover, it’s safe for patients to use at home or in a clinical setting with their healthcare practitioner. 

But for some people, Alpha-Stim is a later treatment choice, and many often try medications or other modalities first. For United States veteran Joe Jeffrey, Alpha-Stim AID was the saving grace following insufficient results with anti-anxiety and other conventional medications.

We recently got to talk with Joe about his experience with Alpha-Stim, and below is the conversation.

ALPHA-STIM: What has been your overall experience with Alpha-Stim?

JOE: “The Alpha-Stim AID  has become a crucial part of my weekly routine, offering a lifeline in my battle against anxiety… After several years with medications, the [Alpha-Stim] has remarkably transformed my well-being since 2016, providing relief from once-a-week to once-a-month sessions. It’s not just a device; it’s a life-saver!” (See below for more about why Joe chose Alpha-Stim!)

ALPHA-STIM: What made you consider trying/getting Alpha-Stim?

JOE: “I considered Alpha-Stim due to intense battles with [anxiety] since 2005. Conventional medications and self-medication with alcohol had negative impacts, leading to a suicide attempt, reckless behavior, and strained relationships. Deploying to Afghanistan worsened the situation, resulting in my separation from my second wife and severe emotional struggles. Traditional treatments [for anxiety] were ineffective, and I was open to alternatives.”

Joe tries Alpha-Stim

ALPHA-STIM: How did you go about getting Alpha-Stim?

JOE: “During a crisis, an Army Reserve Psychiatrist attached to my active duty Unit in Afghanistan, [and he] suggested Alpha-Stim AID after I expressed reluctance towards traditional pills. The process involved daily sessions for 10 days, gradually adjusting the device settings to find the most effective level.”

ALPHA-STIM: How has your experience been using your Alpha-Stim so far?

JOE: “My experience using Alpha-Stim has been transformative. Following the recommended 10-day protocol, I experienced increased energy, improved sleep, and a sense of relaxation. Over time, I transitioned to maintenance usage, now using it weekly. The device has allowed me to engage in activities and be more attentive to my family, positively impacting my overall well-being.”

ALPHA-STIM: What has been the positive impact of Alpha-Stim on your life?

JOE: “Alpha-Stim has had a profound positive impact on my life. It played a crucial role in saving me from a dark period marked by suicide attempts and emotional turmoil. The device has provided relief from symptoms of [anxiety], allowing me to participate in activities I previously avoided. I can now enjoy concerts with my wife and theme parks with my kids.”

ALPHA-STIM: What would you say to others who are considering Alpha-Stim?

JOE: “I would strongly encourage others considering Alpha-Stim to give it a try, especially if traditional medications have been ineffective or undesirable. My personal experience with the device has been life-changing, bringing relief from debilitating mental health challenges. It offers a non-pharmaceutical alternative that has significantly improved my overall well-being.”

Take charge of your life with Alpha-stim

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* Alpha-Stim is FDA-cleared for anxiety, insomnia, and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States.

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