For Sleep and Studying, This Veteran Finds Success with Alpha-Stim

Alpha-Stim Testimonials

When it comes to school, the demands of homework, studying, and sitting for long exams can add up to quite a bit of a mental struggle. For those who already struggle with anxiety or insomnia, succeeding at school may be even harder. 

Ashley Russell-Gray, a Veteran and a student, was prescribed an Alpha-Stim® to help with her insomnia. Not only did Alpha-Stim help her to get better quality sleep, but it proved to be a vital tool for managing her anxiety while she navigates her PA program.

Read below for a quick testimonial from Ashely about using Alpha-Stim AID. 

“I’ve found the Alpha-Stim very helpful. I use it every night to help me fall asleep, which really beats having to take sleeping medication all the time. I’ve been using it for sleep for almost a year and it has made a huge difference.

A few months ago, I started using Alpha-Stim while I study and take exams for PA school. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference it makes when I have to sit still for a 1-3 hour exam. Prior to using Alpha-Stim, I would have to get up, stretch, and reset at least 3 times during an exam [due to anxiety]. I just finished 10 final exams over the last week (ranging from 1.5-2.5 hours) and I sat straight through all of them while using the device.

Studying with Alpha-Stim is beneficial for decreasing [my] anxiety. Before Alpha-Stim, I would never have been able to achieve this level of sleep. It has been such an improvement to my overall quality of life.”

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