Alpha-Stim Can Help Veterans and Service Members Better Treat Pain and Mental Health

Military men and women often face physical and mental health struggles as a direct result of their service. They may sustain physical injuries during training or combat that can lead to acute or chronic pain. According to the VA, “Chronic pain is more prevalent and of greater intensity in veterans than in the general population.” Various studies support this, with one finding that between 2008 and 2016, veterans were about 40% more likely to experience severe pain than non-veterans.”

Anxiety, insomnia, and depression are also common among current and veteran military members. 

  • Between 2000 and 2012 alone the VA reported a 327% increase in reported anxiety disorders

  • A study in 2018 evaluating insomnia in veterans revealed that “Sleep problems are particularly common among United States military veterans, with one-half to two-thirds of the 2.5 million U.S. military troops who served in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom, OEF) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom, OIF) complain of insomnia problems on returning home.” 

  • The same study noted prevalent complaints from Vietnam and Korea conflicts, suggesting insomnia problems are chronic within veteran populations.

  • A recent study published in early 2023 highlighted depression as one of the leading mental health conditions in the military, with studies showing up to 9% of all appointments in the ambulatory military health network are related to depression.


Even without being stationed in a war zone, a Service Member faces a stressful lifestyle day in and day out. Although being in the military can be a great source of pride and honor, it can also take a toll on the physical and mental health of those who serve.

With such prevalence of the above conditions among Service Members, the United States military healthcare system has embraced Alpha-Stim® for its effectiveness as a drug-free treatment option. Alpha-Stim is a handheld medical device that works without medications to restore balance to the brain and deliver fast, safe, and lasting relief. It is FDA-cleared for anxiety, insomnia, and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States.

Alpha-Stim Helps Veteran Drastically Reduce Reliance on Opioids

Below is an excerpt from one Veteran’s experience. He was able to reduce his opioid use by 75% with the help of Alpha-Stim.

“I’ve used Alpha-Stim for pain, anxiety, depression*, and insomnia with fantastic results since October of 2014. I have 967 hours of use logged on it.

I first used it for polyarthritis and bursitis. I found the results to be fast and cumulative. Since my pain points are throughout my body, I’d spend around two hours everyday with the probes, and then 40 minutes with CES treatment.

After a few months, I’d reduced my narcotic/opioid use by 75%. Yes. 75%…I now use MET for breakthrough pain. I’ve continued using CES daily for 40 minutes.

The Alpha-Stim has been an incredibly important part of my healthcare the past five years. I cannot imagine living without this device. I am unable to express in words my gratitude to those who have made this device possible for me to use.

I am 70 years old now. I wish I could have used this after my discharge in 1969. Without a doubt, my life would be different now.”

*FDA cleared for anxiety, insomnia and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States. 

Learn More About Alpha-Stim for Service Members and Veterans

Want to learn more about Alpha-Stim? You can learn more about Alpha-Stim M and Alpha-Stim AID here. Ready to try Alpha-Stim? If you are a Service Member or Veteran, please call 1-800-FOR-PAIN to speak to Government Services to get started.


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