So You Can Keep Your Dentist Appointment and Your Healthy Smile

If going to the dentist gives you anxiety, you are certainly not alone – as many as 40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist as a result of their anxiety or fear, according to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

There are many aspects of a dental visit that can bring on feelings of panic – the anticipation of discomfort; fear of the unknown; worry about needing painful procedures; or any number of other factors.

But there is no need to let your anxiety prevent you from having a sparklingly clean smile. Alpha-Stim® is here to help.

Alpha-Stim is a handheld, non-invasive medical device that provides immediate relief from anxiety without medication. There is no risk of addiction with Alpha-Stim, and there are no lasting side effects. Relief from anxiety is attainable in just 20 to 60 minutes of treatment, which can take place before or during visits to the dentist – whenever your anxiety is at its worst.

On top of that, the effectiveness of Alpha-Stim on dentist-specific anxiety has been studied – and patients reported an average of 61% less anxiety during procedures.

Alpha-Stim fits in the palm of your hand, and its ear clips are as small as earbuds, allowing you to easily treat your anxiety while in the dentist’s chair without interference. Brenda Pokorny of Charlotte, NC has done exactly that, with success:

I have regularly been using my Alpha Stim device for all my dental appointments and procedures.  I start using it 5-15 minutes before my appointment as I am then in full alpha wave mode for the procedure.  Last week I had a 3 and a half hour extraction done.  The tooth was abscessed with bone loss.  Alpha Stim kept me feeling calm and at peace and out of fight or flight mode with no other sedation.  All the yanking, pulling, scraping etc did not phase me or cause me any fear or anxiety.  I will never go to the dentist without my Alpha Stim device.   It makes a very emotionally hard situation more than bearable.”

Dental practitioners are also aware of the tremendous benefit Alpha-Stim can provide to patients during cleanings and treatments. Dr. Lisa Lucey of Meridian Point, Ireland, “introduced the Alpha-Stim to her practice and for some patients it has been life changing. It’s an alternative to oral medication with zero down time. You can still pop in for a visit on your lunch.” See Dr. Lucey’s full Facebook post here:


If your anxiety has been keeping you away from the dentist’s office – or has left you dreading routine visits – Alpha-Stim can help. FDA cleared and available by prescription (in the U.S.), it can relieve your anxiety both before and during your appointments. Alpha-Stim is available over the counter outside of the U.S.

Get started today and let Alpha-Stim make the dentist’s office a more bearable place for you.

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