Can Alpha-Stim Offer Aging Adults a Safer Choice for Pain Relief?

Aging Adults are Not Immune to Addiction

The opioid crisis in the United States has been making headlines over and over again for years. And it’s become a core concern for the pain medicine field in the last decade as the consequences of opioids have become clearer. 

According to the CDC, more than 700,000 people died from a drug overdose between 1999 and 2017, and the majority of drug overdose deaths in 2017 involved opioids. And Mayo Clinic reports that recent studies suggest that up to one-third of people who take opioids or chronic pain misuse them, with more than 10% becoming addicted over time.  

Although opioids have become a villain in the eyes of many people, these drugs are typically prescribed in a good-faith attempt to quell pain. And when a person is suffering from pain, they are often willing to consider any remedy that might bring them relief. And for older adults with changing brain sensitivity levels, the mixing of remedies can have dangerous consequences. This makes older adults especially vulnerable. Moreover, since many aging adults struggle with pain and mobility issues, as well as take multiple medications, the interaction of opioids with other medications and the risk for addiction is higher.

Opioid Addiction Is Critical Concern Among Seniors

What’s more concerning is for aging adults, substance abuse is climbing. In July 2023, The New York Times reported on the fact that aging Baby Boomers use drugs more than their parents did, and that as they age and experience the physiological changes that come with age, the risk of abuse is climbing. 

A quick excerpt from the article showcases the situation:

“A study of opioid use disorder in people over 65 enrolled in traditional Medicare, for instance, showed a threefold increase in just five years — to 15.7 cases per 1,000 in 2018 from 4.6 cases per 1,000 in 2013… Most substance use disorders among older people involve prescribed medications, not illegal drugs. And since most Medicare beneficiaries take multiple drugs, ‘it’s easy to get confused,’ Dr. Humphreys said. ‘The more complicated the regimen, the easier to make mistakes. And then you have an overdose.’”

The U.S News and World Report found as well that opioid-related overdose deaths increased 17.2% from 2016 to 2017 in adults aged 65 and older.

Aging Adults Should Consider Non-Drug Alternatives

According to the CDC, in 2021 an estimated 20.9% of U.S. adults  (51.6 million) experienced chronic pain. An estimated 6.9% (17.1 million) experienced high-impact chronic pain. The report also found that the prevalence of both chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain was higher among older adults. 

Fortunately, addictive drugs are not the only option for treating chronic pain. Alpha-Stim M offers aging adults a drug-free alternative that is proven to effectively treat chronic pain, as well as acute pain and post-traumatic pain. It’s usable across the body, as a stand-alone treatment, or adjunctively as part of a larger treatment plan. 

An FDA-cleared, handheld medical device, Alpha-Stim M delivers relief directly to the source of pain and can be used at home safely. For aging adults in remote settings, this makes Alpha-Stim a fantastic option. Below are other key benefits Alpha-Stim offers that make it a safer, better choice for pain relief.

Benefits of Alpha-Stim M for Aging Adults with Pain

  1. No risk of overuse or addiction
  2. Easy to use at home and in remote settings 
  3. Results are long lasting and often immediate
  4. Treatments take only minutes
  5. Alpha-Stim is safe and appropriate for use in aging adults with chronic conditions
  6. Can safely be used in conjunction with other medications or treatment modalities, if necessary (ideal for adults on medications for diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc.)

Moreover, Alpha-Stim M also treats anxiety, insomnia, and depression* – all of which are common among aging adults and comorbidities of chronic pain.

*Alpha-Stim is FDA-cleared for anxiety, insomnia, and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States.

Try Alpha-Stim for Drug-Free Pain Relief

The golden years are meant to be just that: golden. With Alpha-Stim, older adults can enjoy their best lives, without worrying about the risk of addiction or lasting side effects. Backed by decades of clinical research and patient success stories, Alpha-Stim is simply a better, safer choice for pain relief among older adults.  Whether for yourself or a loved one, get started today and experience the difference.

Get started today with a telehealth appointment to see if Alpha-Stim is a good option for you.

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