Inspiring New Book Features Alpha-Stim® as Key to a Dog’s Recovery

A dog with rear legs in wheelchair

Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work: Journey of a Down Dog is the remarkable true story about a golden retriever named Keegan and her two devoted humans, Travis and Renea Yates. After suffering a spinal stroke, Keegan was left paralyzed from the shoulders down – but Travis and Renea refused to give up hope […]

FAQ: Do I Need to Adjust my Other Treatments If I Use Alpha-Stim?

Using Alpha-Stim with other treatments

Blog Do I Need to Adjust My Other Treatments If I Use Alpha-Stim? Alpha-Stim FAQs Many people who are considering using Alpha-Stim® to treat their anxiety, insomnia, depression* or pain are often already treating their conditions with some other method. These other treatments often include medications, occupational or physical therapy, chiropractic care, or counseling.  If […]

FAQ: How Long Should I Use Alpha-Stim, and When Should I Decrease Use?

Alpha-Stim treatments are cumulative, allowing you to taper off frequency of use while still maintaining results. And because there’s no way to overdose on Alpha-Stim, this leaves room for you to manage your routine in a way that gets the best results for you. Unlike most prescription medications, Alpha-Stim also has no risk of addiction […]

US Declares Opioid Crisis a Health Emergency

The Solution is Available Now Using Modern American Technology As the United States government declares the ongoing opioid crisis a national public health emergency, all hope is not lost for patients who can not tolerate or do not want to go down the rabbit hole of using opioids. In fact, this technology promises to do […]

Alpha-Stim® Provides Excellent Alternative and Solution to Opioid Epidemic

Non-Invasive Medical Device Offers Fast, Safe & Effective Relief from Pain Without Drugs No matter the source, people in pain need relief. When a person is experiencing pain, they are frequently prescribed opioids such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone. According to the CDC, deaths from prescription opioids have more than quadrupled since 1999, and 91 […]

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