Dakota Meyer Featured in PTSD Journal

Dakota Meyer wearing Alpha-StimDakota Meyer, Marine and Medal of Honor recipient, is featured in the cover story of the Summer 2018 issue of PTSD Journal. The article, titled Dakota Meyer: Hero Soldier and Citizen, talks about Meyer’s goal to “do all he can to give back to his fellow soldiers”.

Meyer states in the article, “It took the military three months to turn me into a soldier. But they gave me one week to become a civilian. I think the battle after the battle is the hard one.”

He talks about his own person battle and how he discovered immediate anxiety relief with Alpha-Stim®.

“For me, it melted my anxiety away. I’m telling you, it was like someone lifted a pack off my back,” Meyer said. “I couldn’t believe the results. Everyone needs to know about Alpha-Stim.”

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