Does My Doctor Need to Prescribe Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim FAQs

A Prescription for Alpha-Stim May or May Not Be Required

In the United States, federal law restricts Alpha-Stim to be for sale by, or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner. In the U.S.,  you need a healthcare practitioner’s prescription to get Alpha-Stim. (You can also do so online with a telehealth appointment.)  Alpha-Stim is FDA-cleared for anxiety, insomnia, and pain only.

In most countries outside of the United States, Alpha-Stim is available without a prescription. However, consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is recommended for difficult and unresponsive problems or when you plan to use Alpha-Stim in conjunction with pharmaceuticals or other therapeutic interventions.

Who qualifies as a licensed health care practitioner?

Most health care practitioners who are licensed to diagnose and treat anxiety, insomnia, and/or pain can typically write an order for an Alpha-Stim; however, the ability for specific practitioners to prescribe or order Alpha-Stim varies. 

Practitioners should check with their state board if they are unsure of their licensing rights.

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