EPI Donated 10 Devices to Help Veterans in Montana: Veteran’s Heartbeat Radio Show

Veteran’s Heartbeat – On the Pulse of the Veteran is a weekly half hour talk show devoted to issues of hope, health, opportunity and well-being of veterans. The show is brought to you by the Rural Institute for Veteran’s Education and Research. When veterans encounter obstacles to health and well-being, RIVER is there to help. RIVER provides training to the veteran’s community for outdoor recreational therapists and emergency medical technicians, plus medical services and cutting edge research projects.

For episode 31 of Veteran’s Heartbeat, they spoke about Alpha-Stim with Dr. Jeffrey A. Marksberry, Vice President of Science and Education for Electromedical Products International Inc.

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: Electromedical Products Donated 10 Alpha-Stim Devices To Help Veterans In Montana

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