EPI President Tracey Kirsch Honored with UNO 25 Award

Tracey B. Kirsch accepting her UNO 25 award from University of New Orleans president John Nicklow.Tracey B. Kirsch, president of Electromedical Products International, Inc., was selected as a 2020 honoree of UNO 25, an initiative that identifies, recognizes and celebrates 25 high-impact businesses or organizations that are owned or led by University of New Orleans alumni.

“The 2020 class of UNO 25 highlights the varied and widespread influence of graduates of the University of New Orleans,” said President John Nicklow. “Our alumni lead iconic New Orleans brands and respected organizations throughout the region in areas including engineering, health care, education, transportation, hospitality, accounting, banking, construction, technology, human resources, marketing and public relations. In many different ways, they help stimulate economic growth and contribute to an enhanced quality of life for those in their communities.”

EPI is worldwide innovator in mental healthcare and pain management devices. Tracey has been president of EPI since 1992 and after 9/11 she negotiated a Federal Supply contract with the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs Medical Centers. As a result, the US Army and Navy, as well as over 100 Veteran hospitals, became the biggest Alpha-Stim users to date.

In addition to the Department of Defense, Alpha-Stim is being used and researched by leading American medical centers, such as MD Anderson Cancer Center where it improved the quality of life of advanced cancer patients. Business really took off in 2019, when the National Health Service of the United Kingdom published its research findings resulting in its bringing Alpha-Stim into the intervention process early; because it was proven to be highly effective, far safer and much less expensive than psychological counseling or medications.

Under the leadership of UNO’s alumni Tracey B. Kirsch, Alpha-Stim’s advanced medical technology, is changing the lives of Service Members, veterans, and civilians worldwide; by providing fast, safe and effective non-drug relief of anxiety, insomnia, depression*, and pain, without side effects or risk of addiction.

*FDA cleared for anxiety, insomnia and pain only, with approval for depression outside of the United States. 


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