What Type of Batteries Do I Use with Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim FAQs

Alpha-Stim® devices are battery-powered and depending on which device you choose (Alpha-Stim M or Alpha-Stim AID) the batteries you use will differ. However, both devices will initially arrive with lithium batteries to get you started.


What batteries does Alpha-Stim M use?

Alpha-Stim M uses AAA batteries.


What batteries does Alpha-Stim AID use?

Alpha-Stim AID uses AA batteries.

Important Things to Know About Batteries with Alpha-Stim

First, try to use lithium batteries in your Alpha-Stim device. Lithium batteries will last longer (greater value over time).

Second, do not use rechargeable batteries. The patented waveform produced by Alpha-Stim is very specific. Rechargeable batteries do not discharge evenly, and the unstable power supply from rechargeable batteries may hinder its effectiveness.

Although you will need to replace the batteries in your Alpha-Stim as time goes by, Alpha-Stim remains more cost-effective than many medications. If you need more information about using your Alpha-Stim device check out your user guides or reach out to our Customer Support team here.

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