Healing Hoof Steps Equine Therapy Brings Relief with Horses and Alpha-Stim

Northwest Florida is home to one of the most concentrated veteran populations in the United States: over 106,000 veterans reside there. Nearby, there are several active duty military bases, including Pensacola Naval Air Station, Tyndall AFB, Egling AFB, Duke Field, and Hurlburt Field. At the same time, 20% of residents in Okaloosa County experience major depressive disorders – a rate higher than the national average.

Healing Hoof Steps utilizes both equine therapy and Alpha-Stim to bring relief to Service Members

This setting makes Crestview, Florida the prime location for Healing Hoof Steps, an equine assisted therapy and learning service dedicated to “improving lives one foot and one hoof step at a time.” Founded in 2014 by Narissa Jenkins, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, the organization connects patients with horses to provide mental, emotional, and behavioral health services.

Veterans in particular can find amazing success with equine therapy – and Healing Hoof Steps is one of only 17 programs in the Unites States to hold the venerable EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning) Military Services Provider certification. Equine therapy is especially effective at treating the invisible wounds of war and helping to build resilience among a population that is sometimes resistant to traditional therapy.

Alpha-Stim® is honored to be a part of the treatment program at Healing Hoof Steps. This FDA-cleared, handheld medical device is proven by hundreds of clinical research studies to safely and effectively treat anxiety, insomnia, and pain It is the perfect complement to the other therapies offered at Healing Hoof Steps; together, they address the most pressing needs of veterans and civilians alike.

According to Connie Baldwin, Clinical Director of Healing Hoof Steps, several veterans report having better sleep with just one Alpha-Stim session per week. Other clients have found relief from their chronic pain, with many of them ultimately getting their own Alpha-Stim devices to use at home.

Healing Hoof Step’s very first client to use Alpha-Stim was a combat veteran with such severe anxiety, he could neither work nor sleep. After two months of Alpha-Stim treatments, at a frequency of three sessions per week, that veteran is now back to driving his tractor-trailer across the country. Thanks to Healing Hoof Steps and Alpha-Stim, he has his life back.

Alpha-Stim Smart Probes provide long-lasting, cumulative pain relief in under 5 minutes

Alpha-Stim has been behind success stories like these for decades. Many Service Members avoid medications, no matter how much they are suffering, for fear they will not be able to perform their duties at full capacity. What makes Alpha-Stim especially beneficial for this population is that it is not a drug: there is no risk of addiction, withdrawal, or lasting side effects. There is no risk of misuse or overuse, and no impairment – just relief.

Alpha-Stim is available at more than 100 of the nation’s VAs and has long been trusted and relied upon by the U.S. Military. Both Veterans and those still currently serving experience drastic improvement with Alpha-Stim, from both the physical and invisible wounds of war.

Veterans and current Service Members can learn more at or by calling 1-800-FOR-PAIN and asking for Government Services. We are grateful for your service and would be honored to help you find relief.

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About Healing Hoof Steps

Healing Hoof Steps is located in Crestview, Florida. The organization utilizes equine therapy to treat mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues in both civilians and Veterans. It is an EAGALA Military Services Provider and a Certified Community Partner with the United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties for 2019. Learn more at



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