Why Alpha-Stim is An Excellent Option for Integrative Medicine

When you are battling pain, your primary goal is to just make it go away. If the pain persists or is reoccurring, you may begin to wonder if there is a deeper reason why it won’t go away—and that search for overall healing is just the start of integrative medicine.

The American Association for Integrative Medicine defines integrative medicine as healthcare that views the patient as the most important member of the medical team and applies all safe and effective therapies without subservience to any one school of medical thought, while the

National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine defines integrative medicine as a process that “combines mainstream medical therapies and CAM therapies for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.”

How can Alpha-Stim be used in integrative medicine?

The main goal of integrative medicine is to achieve overall healing, and that aligns with the goal of Alpha-Stim. When you are feeling pain in your leg, you don’t just use the AS Smart Probes to treat that one area on your leg—you treat the surrounding area and other leg as well.

Michael Fegley, Sales Director at Electromedical Products International, Inc., manufacturer of Alpha-Stim, noted that many integrative clinics have set up protocols or Alpha-Stim programs that allow patients to try the device in the clinic between 1 to 5 times, before deciding if they’d benefit from purchasing one for home use.

“It fits nicely into integrative care as it can be used as a standalone therapy, but can also be added as an adjunct to current therapy to further results,” Fegley said. “Since cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) has a potentiation effect on medications, making them more effective, patients require less of them, which allows the practitioner to decrease the patients’ medications and even eliminate them in some cases. This is very important if the patient has a history of addiction, or is currently on multiple medications.”

Fegley also said that one unique feature of Alpha-Stim is that the handheld medical device has the ability to treat multiple conditions that often go hand-in-hand. In addition to treating pain, Alpha-Stim is also FDA cleared to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression.

“If you ask any pain doctor, he or she will say the biggest issue their patients have is they can’t sleep,” Fegley said. “We have one device that can treat their pain AND help them sleep. This is monumental for most of their patients, not to mention almost all of them have some form of anxiety and/or depression.”

Can you imagine a life where instead of searching for another prescription to add to the ones you’re already on, you have one solution that helps treat all of the above?!

Learn more about Alpha-Stim for pain management or Get Started on your path to fast, safe and effective pain relief.

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