MTV Teen Mom Star Relies on Alpha-Stim® to Treat His Depression

mtv teen mom tyler baltierra

Although rumors have been circulating that MTV Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra is heading to rehab for mental health issues, Baltierra has responded that he is using other therapeutic methods instead: “I am not going to a rehab. I had a therapy appointment yesterday, I do Alpha-Stim sessions & looking into EMDR therapy as well,” […]

Experiencing Compassion Fatigue? Alpha-Stim is Here to Help

Compassion fatigue affects a number of people in a variety of professions, and its symptoms often appear as the symptoms of chronic stress. It results from the amount of care individuals give the work they choose to do, and the stress that can result when that work becomes overwhelming. Dr. Charles Figley with the Compassion […]

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