I Tried Alpha-Stim: Here is my Honest Review Current Body Article

By Amy Nicholson; original article at currentbody.com Did you know that with the help of innovative technologies, there’s now a completely natural way to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression without medication? Introducing the Alpha-Stim AID Device. This wearable device calms and relaxes the body by sending tiny electric currents through earclips, increasing the frequency of […]

Avera Medical Minute: Alpha-Stim For Pain, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY – ABC NEWS) Melissa Taggart has found relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression by having a weekly treatment, recommended by her healthcare provider. The relief is so helpful, she schedules more activities the day after an Alpha-Stim treatment that normally would be debilitating. “It gives me about a twenty-four-hour window […]

Florida lacrosse player Makenzie Mason: ‘I have to keep fighting’

Makenzie Mason

Makenzie Mason, a 19-year-old student athlete at the University of Florida, recently shared her battle with depression and anxiety in an article in ESPN The Magazine. “I know firsthand that depression is a deadly illness that most people can’t see,” says UF lacrosse player Makenzie Mason. “That’s why I decided to speak up on the […]

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