Twin Cities Live: Alpha-Stim is a Powerful Tool to Treat Dental Anxiety

Many people – nearly 50%, in fact – experience anxiety around visits to the dentist; far from being uncommon, dental anxiety is a very real issue that can be daunting enough to prevent people from getting the care they need.  But did you know that there is a fast, safe, and drug-free way to quell your dental anxiety?

In a recent news segment on Twin Cities Live, anchor Elizabeth Reis described her experience using Alpha-Stim to alleviate her anxiety about getting a root canal. Her fear of the procedure was so intense that she started crying immediately upon hearing she would need to have the work done. Fortunately, her dentist – Dr. Scott Shamblott of St. Paul, MN- trusts in Alpha-Stim to bring comfort and relief to his patients during and before procedures.

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Using Alpha-Stim for Relieving Dental Anxiety

Alpha-Stim is an FDA-cleared medical device that uses a modality called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) to modulate brain activity – providing rapid, effective, and lasting relief without the side effects of medication. A tiny current of electricity is transmitted painlessly through electrodes that clip onto your earlobes. The earclips are so small that you can use headphones or earbuds simultaneously if you want a distraction from your procedure, and they won’t interfere with your dentist’s work.

reduce dental anxiety with alpha-stim by 61%


1 Winick, Reid L. Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES): a safe and effective low cost means of anxiety control in a dental practice. General Dentistry. 1999; 47(1):50-55.

How Alpha-Stim works in dental settings

Alpha-Stim can be used as a stand-alone treatment for dental anxiety

It also makes nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) more effective, allowing dentists to use less of it in their patients. This is beneficial for both patients and dentists because it reduces side effects and adverse reactions and allows practitioners to “bridge the gap” of nitrous; sometimes, even the maximum dose does not bring adequate relief.

Moreover, as Reis experienced during her appointment, Alpha-Stim is effective within minutes, bringing an immediate sense of calm and relaxation. “I was almost napping,” she explained; “I totally didn’t think that was going to be the case. And it’s a long time that you’re sitting there for a root canal.”

Alpha-Stim is not a drug, so there is no risk of lasting side effects or interactions with other medications. And since there is no risk of overuse, Alpha-Stim can be used for the entire duration of a dental appointment, as well as beforehand.

Try Alpha-Stim for Dental Anxiety

Don’t live in fear of dental procedures for one more day. With Alpha-Stim, you can get the dental care you need without the stress and anxiety. You can live your best life and have your best smile, too. Learn more about getting Alpha-Stim here.

If you’re a dental professional looking for non-medication alternatives to offer patients, learn more here about getting started with Alpha-Stim>


(Important Clarifications from the Twin Cities segment) 

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