Cranial electrostimulation and anxiety

There are more options to treat anxiety than you realize Repost from Pscyhology Today, by Emily Deans M.D. You might be surprised that one of the most difficult psychiatric conditions to treat is clinical anxiety. For most folks, pathological anxiety begins in childhood, and by the time someone gets to see a medication specialist in my area, a person has […]

NHS Study of Alpha-Stim for Anxiety Can Revolutionize Mental Health Care in the UK

Study Proves Alpha-Stim Treatment is As Effective and More Cost Efficient Than Current First-Line Therapy The National Health Services (NHS) of the United Kingdom has released a new study on the clinical and cost effectiveness of Alpha-Stim®, a non-drug medical device designed for easy, at-home use. The study, which was published in the Journal of […]

Alpha-Stim Treats Dental Anxiety

dental anxiety

So You Can Keep Your Dentist Appointment and Your Healthy Smile If going to the dentist gives you anxiety, you are certainly not alone – as many as 40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist as a result of their anxiety or fear, according to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. There are many […]

Dakota Meyer Talks About His Experience with Alpha-Stim for Anxiety

“I truly believe that being in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even some of my worst days in Afghanistan, is a lot of times easier than some of my general days here at home,” said Dakota Meyer, US Marine and Medal of Honor recipient. “I feel like I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve tried medication. A lot […]

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