FAQ: Does my doctor need to prescribe Alpha-Stim?

prescribe Alpha-Stim

Blog Does My Doctor Need to Prescribe Alpha-Stim? Alpha-Stim FAQs A Prescription for Alpha-Stim May or May Not Be Required In the United States, federal law restricts Alpha-Stim to be for sale by, or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner. In the U.S.,  you need a healthcare practitioner’s prescription to get Alpha-Stim. […]

Will I Need to Use Alpha-Stim Every Day, Forever?

Do I have to use Alpha-Stim forever?

Blog Will I Need to Use Alpha-Stim Every Day, Forever? Alpha-Stim FAQs If you’re new to Alpha-Stim or are considering it for anxiety, insomnia, depression*,  or pain relief, you may be wondering “How long do I need to use it for?” Once you start to feel better, will you need to use Alpha-Stim every day? […]

FAQ: What Type of Batteries Should I Use?

Two batteries

Blog What Type of Batteries Do I Use with Alpha-Stim? Alpha-Stim FAQs Alpha-Stim® devices are battery-powered and depending on which device you choose (Alpha-Stim M or Alpha-Stim AID) the batteries you use will differ. However, both devices will initially arrive with lithium batteries to get you started. What batteries does Alpha-Stim M use? Alpha-Stim M […]

How to Safely Clean and Care for Your Alpha-Stim

how to safely clean your alpha-stim device

Blog How to Safely Clean and Care for Your Alpha-Stim Alpha-Stim FAQs Personal hygiene is obviously important, but so too is cleaning and caring for the technologies that interact with your body. Alpha-Stim® devices are no different. If you’re using Alpha-Stim, you may be wondering how best to keep your device clean and sanitary. Here […]

FAQ: Do I Need to Adjust my Other Treatments If I Use Alpha-Stim?

Using Alpha-Stim with other treatments

Blog Do I Need to Adjust My Other Treatments If I Use Alpha-Stim? Alpha-Stim FAQs Many people who are considering using Alpha-Stim® to treat their anxiety, insomnia, depression* or pain are often already treating their conditions with some other method. These other treatments often include medications, occupational or physical therapy, chiropractic care, or counseling.  If […]

5 Popular Alpha-Stim Tech Tips

5 alpha-stim tech tips

Blog 5 Popular Alpha-Stim Tech Tips Alpha-Stim FAQs If you’re having problems with your Alpha-Stim not working, try these popular tech support tips to help you troubleshoot your device.  Tip 1. Check Your Batteries If your device won’t turn on, try replacing your batteries. Be sure to replace them with new batteries that are fresh […]

FAQ: How Long Should I Use Alpha-Stim, and When Should I Decrease Use?

Alpha-Stim treatments are cumulative, allowing you to taper off frequency of use while still maintaining results. And because there’s no way to overdose on Alpha-Stim, this leaves room for you to manage your routine in a way that gets the best results for you. Unlike most prescription medications, Alpha-Stim also has no risk of addiction […]

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